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3,000! Page count is now raised to 120 pages. New extras!

3,000! Page count is now raised to 120 pages. New extras!

Escapes from taxes and work! Freedom. Go to Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1048372333/mystery-pets-art-book

WOW, I can’t believe we’ve reached 3000! This is awesome. I did some math and got a new quote from the printer and it looks like I’ll have no problem upping the page count to 120 pages! This makes me rather happy because I was afraid I’d have to leave some of the art out of book if it stayed at 96 pages. So thanks again everyone! Wooo I get to slave over more pages!

I also want to let you all know that once this Kickstarter ends the actual price of the book will end up being around 30.00 plus shipping (the extra page count makes a difference here). Which is quite a bit more then the 20 and 25 dollar pledge levels you can snag a copy of the book for during this Kickstarter campaign. =D These lower prices are special Kickstarter only price breaks. After the end of the Kickstarter the book will still be available at 30.00 but it’s a steal if you order now. Tell some friends so they don’t miss out!

As an added bonus for telling some friends I thought up some new fun goals for extras to add into the mix should this project continue to grow.

New goal Chart!

If we reach 3,500 everyone at the 25.00 level and up will get a free badge. Proclaiming you belong to the “Legion of Mystery Pets”. This badge will be exclusive to the backers of this Kickstarter only.

If we reach 4,000 I’ll release a terrible blooper reel of me failing at being photogenic and line reads. A million sighs I gave on the days I worked on my video. Also I will add 2 more exclusive backer only digital wallpapers. The video will be viewable to everyone, so I can be properly embarrassed. =/

Should we hit 4,500 I’ll randomly add 5 originals into 5 backer’s packages (at the 25.00 level and above). The higher the pledge the more chances you’ll have.

At 5,000 I have a Mystery Prize and all previous prizes, badges and originals, will be available to the 20.00 and above pledge levels instead of the 25.00 levels.

If we hit 5,500 I have a cute sticker set of adorable cats that I will include in every pledge level 20.00 and up.

Should I some how hit 6,000 I will draw a new comic, about 5-6 pages, staring some adorable cat-like animals and send it as a PDF to everyone that pledges. I assure you it will be weird. =D

Thanks again everyone I really could not have made this book without your support. In the up coming days I will start really working on putting the book together. There will be updates on my progress as I go.