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CAT Nouveau shirt is for sale!

CAT Nouveau shirt is for sale!

OMG OMG OMG, My shirt won first in the derby! Does a little dance all over the place! So of course my internet had to die for an hour… grumbles! But loook! It’s up for sale! Friday it’s only 12.00 but tomorrow it’ll be 15.00.

A black kitty sits tall in profile with a circlur Art Nouveau background of four leaf clovers, cream colored flowers on a brown background. The shirt is grass green.


Makes excited noises! Oh check the size chart in the yellow box at the bottom of the page before you order! Woot just changed their shirt blanks and the woman’s sizes are not so tiny anymore (the men’s blanks are about the same)… it’s a sad day though for people that fit into tiny shirts. Eeeeee, runs around the room.