Harry, Draco, the bed, (2 pics)

Harry, Draco, the bed, (2 pics)

Draco’s angry that Harry tied him up. This was done as a 2 part picture apology for my April Fools joke on my Live Journal. The story of these pictures (that was never written but was what I was thinking) is that Harry and Draco make a bet and Draco loses. However, he escapes without having to carry through with the bet. So, Harry pays him a visit and er, forces Draco to make good on the wager.

Harry ties Draco to the bed

Which leads to…

The second part of my April Fool’s day apology. In this picture Draco gets a temporary mark proclaiming him as, Property of Harry Potter. Draco has to wear it as part of losing a bet with Harry. He is very angry about it. =O

Draco, property of Harry Potter

The original 8.5×11 and 8.5×10 drawings for both af these pictures are for sale. Comment on this post for information.

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  1. wow this doesnt look right!! i bet some people wish they were Harry!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Blah! I really laughed when I saw the mark hahaha, awww, it shouldn’t be just temporary ahaha… Now I wonder when will Draco have his revenge, he’s a Malfoy after all nehh?? ^_^

  3. This picture is so hot! I would like to ask 1 question though can you draw some pictures of Hermione pleasssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    Reply from Diana: I’ll see what i can do.

  4. Hey, I like this pics! I love the first one because they look so damm sexy! But the second one is simply great with Harry’s hand in Draco’s chest (and because the “mark” of course)

  5. when i saw the pic i was like wtf but then the second one seriously madew me pee my pants i love it but can you please make one of ginny and harry it would be so cute,oh and “Property of Harry Potter” is hilarious!!!!!!!!

  6. The pictures simply show that u not only have amazing talent, but an awesome sense of humor too!!!!!! But the icing on the cake is definitely your witty replies to all the F**KED UP HATERS/CRITICS out there!!!!!!! Im speechless i guess, just dont have enough compliments/praises that would do your work justice!!!!!! Keep it Up!!! And if u could, or at least TRY to, doodle sum lesbo action of hermione and ginny.. i’d really, REALLY appreciate that!!!!! THANKS a MILLION for brightening up my life!!!!! a Huge Fan of urs (from Pakistan!)

  7. harry nd draco r sooo fit!! harry shud hav wrote it on draco’s arse. much betta!!

  8. Brilliant!

    Absoloutly fantastic! loved it pleeeease write the story for it!!!
    sigh and don’t forget to put in LOTS of angry draco pics, the others are right angry is sexy for gorguess draco!

  9. That’s great. The story (or your thoughts) was funny and the pictures are very good. You are a good drawer.

    Diana: Thanks so much. Artist might be the word your looking for; ‘drawer’ sound sort of awkward in this context, it’s usually used more for ‘a chest of drawers’ than for an artist. =D

  10. OMG XD I remember seeing this ages ago. Or something like it anyway. I still LOL when I see it! Your art is totally brilliant and don’t let any of the flamers get you down. As I saw someone say once, “All flames will be used to build me a nice, warm fire”. SO GO BUILD THAT FIRE! XD

  11. I really like it !
    Who can tell me how to find the videos about the couple,Harry and Draco?
    Thank you very much !

  12. Wow. lol, I was looking for a Harry Draco Fix and man, I love these. I think you have a lot of talant and should really keep it up so that you can quell the cravings for others. :D

  13. …*droolz* beautiful u should do a harry/draco/ron it would b soooooooo cute cuz harry and ron r such good friends they would share draco

  14. LOLZ draco is so hot lol. ur a good artist. u should so make more of this!

  15. first of all, lol we have the same name! and second of all, that is an EPIC picture, and i laughed so hard when i saw it! and third of all, lucky harry, eh? ;P

  16. I was surfing the web looking up little Tommy there and saw this picture with Harry writing on Draco and went wtf must click. then I saw these two pictures and went O.o . So i closed down my computer.
    Ten minutes later I ran back, rebooted and went looking for it again. Couldn’t find it. So i went to fanfiction.net and have been stuck on Draco/Harry ever since, this was 4 months ago.
    Thank You for drawing this and I would be terribly interested in reading what inspired this masterpiece. Also thank you for getting me hooked in Draco and Harry stories.

  17. aaw that is soooo hot! you should definitely write a story about it just for me! ;)
    I love draco harry, its definitely the best slash pairing in hp!

  18. hahahahahahahahahahaha. I always thought that if they were gay Draco would so be the girl…lol…i love this, this is fantastic! Keep up the good work!

  19. I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEEEE IT!!!!!!!! Can u pwez draw a pic of my OC (Rickey Potter (Girl) ) with Fred Weasly?????? If so she looks just like Lily since shes her daughter and all. THX!!!!! :) :) :)

  20. + I feel your pain about the word drawer *shivers at the word* It gets on my nerves. I always slap the person that says that and scream ARTIST! At them.