My Buddies #2 fire, threadless, sketches

My Buddies #2 fire, threadless, sketches

I made another version of the My Buddies image but this time instead of flowers I made them out of flames. The kind of flames you see on cars… makes me wonder if I can make a version just made out of skulls somehow. Might be too hard though. Something about the flame shape looking like cat ears sort of helps this image work.

I’m planning to color this next but man I should be working on some of my real work. There’s shit to do and I just keep having problems sleeping and then spending my time making weird images instead. =V

Blah, anyway here’s some warm up sketches of Reason and Ego. I’m trying to get back to drawing them but I keep forgetting how I even went about drawing them so I have to draw them a ton to get back into a grove. I keep forgetting how much strange cartooning shape and form these characters have, they are really bendy. Most of the time I tend to forget my own characters unless I have reference for them, which always seems a little weird to me. Shouldn’t I remember how to draw my own characters?


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