The Ghost Girl

The Ghost Girl

Whew. Finally I’ve finished moving almost everything off of the old site and onto my new swanky PHP site! I’ve removed the index page and now the new site is live. Yay! Does a little dance… however I’ve already found a flaw with my coding.

In some versions of Explorer the side bar and the main content box get all messed up. I’m not sure what’s causing that but I suspect that it’s something to do with Style Sheets and the Float command. Please stop by and look at my site and see if it’s working with your browser. [Link!]

Also Art:

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Someone commented that she was pretty Gothic Lolita… but sadly she’s just suppose to be from 1890. Historical ghosts and all.

This was drawn as a tiny little sketch and basically completely redrawn in Painter as a black and white picture. The color was added in Photoshop 7 and was all line coloring. There’s no actually canvas coloring on this picture.

Eeep, I escape my web coding cave! Flings self out of house!

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  1. I like this piece alot although her hair is to short for the era (but it could do with her death)