Yin VS Yang and Eternal Squeak toy 2

Yin VS Yang and Eternal Squeak toy 2

“Yin VS Yang”

This time I have two new shirts for woot’s “Mid-Century Modern Design” derby. For the first one I wanted to do some sexy girls but I was having trouble thinking of what to do with them. My friend Michael Vega suggested girl versions of Spy VS Spy and I sort of ran with it. I really like how this one turned out however since it’s so late in the holidays I could really use votes.

To vote:


“Eternal Squeak Toy take 2”

The second shirt is another image featuring my little black kitty and his ghosty mice friends. They will chase each other forever.



“How does the derby work? Can I buy this shirt?”

Only the top 3 shirts will become shirts. Click on the shirt image above and hit the “I want one” button on Shirt Woot.

If there is no vote button to click on:

To vote on shirt woot you have to have an account that has bought something off of any of the woot sites (woot, shirt.woot, or wine.woot).

If you want you can purchase a shirt off the reckoning.

Once you have bought something you can cast a vote for however many designs you want.


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