Amazon: Saiko and Lavender

Amazon: Saiko and Lavender

Well, it looks like Amazon has finally gotten Saiko and Lavender back in stock. While I enjoy selling the graphic that collects issues 1-5 of the mini series right here on my website for 17.00 (price includes us shipping): Wiggle your own Saiko and Lavender Graphic copy flung directly from the dark pit that is my room. Sometimes though I think it might be of note to point you guys to some of the other vendors that stock this fine, fine, wacky product… wow I’m an add piece. =]


Thus here is the Amazon page to order Saiko and Lavender
… sometimes it’s cheap at under 10.00 and sometimes it’s 14.99+1.99 to special order it. Neither price includes shipping. Note my useless Amazon ranking. At least, I’m not obsessing about it… refreshes the page. Again and again. Also there’s no reviews, not that I’m surprised. However at least my name is spelled correctly! Bonus!

Also as an added love link and for shopping fun… here’s the Saiko and Lavender book direct from Radio Comix for 16.99.

Oh and here is my comic ordering page on the new site. I really need to put up the rest of my site and start posting up more of my comics and prints… meep so slow.

(Sorry for this giant advertising post… next time art!)

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