More marker tests for My Muse

More marker tests for My Muse

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I still have no idea what I’m doing with these markers. =< 5 things:

  • 1. Ikkicon, next week. I bought ink for my printer and now I need to use it. Focus!
  • 2. My car repair just ate my bank account. Oh boy, catalytic converter! At least, I’m glad I’d paid off my other bills already for this next month.
  • 3. Artichoke Hearts are delicious. Completely random. Yum.
  • 4. Culture clashes with politeness. – The comments are awesome on this one. It’s like what is polite can be rude and what’s rude is actually polite.
  • 5. Is anyone else running into problems with Firefox crashing and refusing to save bookmarks and instead saving random images as your bookmark…? That’s not the plural of bookmark cause it keeps saving over the same link over and over again. I tried re-instailing already. Oh and Firefox takes out Photoshop when it goes so Photoshop only pretends to save. HATE. >_<

6? From a Michael’s craft store ad printed April 08.

Michael's craft store ad printed April 08

So many questions arise from this ad… What is that girl carrying? A ballpoint pen? Why is she choking a teddy bear? What kind of outfit is that? I am truly afraid for the guy’s poor arms. Ah, Comic Sans, the only time you show up in this ad is right here. =(

3 Responses

  1. That thread you link to is awesome. How nice to read a string of comments in which everyone actually has interesting information to tell. I might try to work “You may do x for me . . . if you’re good” into my normal conversation, except that sadly no one would get the joke.

    Hope that Ikkicon sampler is coming along well . . .