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Tuxedo Catastrophe and Dressed to Kill

Tuxedo Catastrophe and Dressed to Kill


“Tuxedo Catastrophe”

New shirt design for Shirt.Woot’s 300th derby! Stand out, stand out, with the ugliest tux around. Tuxedo cats, they are the cutest! Look how smug that one in the center is! Please give me a vote if you can, they are printing the top 7 shirts this time! So your vote will really count.


“Dressed to Kill”

Even though you’re deadly there’s no reason not to look great while you poison things.

Wrong Rabbit

Wrong Rabbit


“Wrong Rabbit”

I’m back and I bring you all new are. Here’s a design for woot’s “Literary Classics” derby. A riff on Alice in Wonderland, Alice chases the rabbit again but this one is a little different. I don’t think she’ll like the surprise. =D

Give me a vote if you can!

Last day for Finally Caught it – Sunday Midnight

Last day for Finally Caught it – Sunday Midnight


Finally Caught It is available for purchase for a VERY limited time on Woot. You have until Sunday March 25th before Midnight to pick up a shirt and then it’s gone for good. This is a special woot side sale so the shirts are 15.00 and don’t start shipping until March 28th. You only have until Sunday at Midnight to pick up the shirt. =D

I think woot is telling me to make more pixel cats… =D