was going for a frazetta feel, didnt hit it really, but a cool pic done very fast

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Frog from Chrono trigger, defending Gaurdia forest.

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robo as i imagine he was when he was discovered by lucca and co, its for a show im doing, and i am way behind! : 0

could have done more for him on here, but all in all, i really like it. did a bunch of things i never do, so i think it was a good learning and experimental one.

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Wembley !

my favorite fraggle! i got the full set on dvd, and been watching it every night. if ya never saw fraggle rock, get you some.  this was done with the utmost speed, and it shows, but wembley would say “gee matt, i think its ok, sorta” cuz that is how he rolls. THE TRASH HEAP HAS SPOKEN…. NYYAAAAAH!!!

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FroG !

frog, he is CRAZY mad.

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Chrono Trigger DS !! !

this is my fan art pic of Robo and Lucca from Chrono Trigger. this game made me decide to work in video games, and do art for a living. my old pal jerry was the guy who got me in at square US back in like 94, and it was a very great experience doing testing on Chrono Trigger and other games. i just beat the DS version, and i actualy cried when i heard the final track, very emo i know, but it went down. as usual, “i will color this someday” but who knows. robo is sure fun to draw though!!!

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hornet man!

megman 9… its gonna be 8 bit.. thats right. THATS RIGHT!!! 8

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“mega” man

looks, im not a link!!! weee… i got sent a link to this on nico nico gouda, and it inspired more fan arts!!! (i found it on youtube so peoples could see it without a moontube password)

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colored zero

not the cleanest or best coloring job ever, but its cool. i jsut wanted to post a new fan pic this weekend, and its too nice to stay inside anymore.

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tryin to post

zero being all cool. got the rockman 20 yr aniversary complete works book, and my life has ruled ever since.

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