a pic for a folio with vega and some others. its not from anything, just a cool pic.

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meltdown 09 poster

i am writing in underlined awsomeness for some reason. anyways, this is a memorial type thing for a freind of many people who isnt around no more. it was also a poster for a music festival up here in wurshingten. pretty groovy and hippy style.

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remembering how to post..


a land suit for underwater invaders.

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neon knight

brite elf.jpg

another pic done at high speeds, but none the less prolly one of my all time favorites. i had a paper and dice game idea that he was for where i imagined a sort of fantasy battle in a sports arena, with like name brand armor and weapons.

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but dont make your eyes strain

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stinko, the magic jelly dog

its instupituous

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cuz thats the way that it has to be

Town, little town
if ya wanna get on after me.
this is a pic of a town for a site that i wanna make.

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template bg

a design for some background elements for a card template im makin. was really fast to make actually.

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