holy shit! i drew something


i havent been posting, because i was sent to france as a deep cover agent, fighting international pastry counterfeiting.  long story short, we were unable to even put a dent in the problem. the Curler King and his goons had knocked off three undercover agents already and i barely escaped. im in a protection program now, but i have to lay low.

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beep…  : (     just thinkin of old times, didnt even need an old pic for ref, funny how ya can draw things even yrs and yrs later.

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gun wielder

shootee.jpgbig quads.

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undead deals 2.jpg

a deep sea diver helmet and some timbos

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stumpy liche dude

undead deals 1.jpg

isnt he precious?

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Smot the magic man

smotj.jpga pic of a old dnd char. he got retired, his marmot got smashed by a boulder : (

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i read through the comments on all the arts, so many cool people, xept lieSuck. ps that nome isnt supposed to be me so dont make fun of me.
ps2: ill try to do a finished piece soon. i have games coming out to, ill post when that goes down. oh, go to http://www.popcap.com and be happy

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a sketch of little hobbitee cs dudes. hopefully the t’s are as dwarFed

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a sketch i did, im busy at work, sorry its so slow ill comlor this sooner or later =) wut? i will….

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he is sposed to be running, but we’s in jpg land yo.

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