star boat


a huge star ship, drawn in violet for some reason.

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someone just say’ed i should post on ledheavy again, i should, but im super busy, maybe i can do a colaboration with sumone on ther and get one done.

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girl in ttop and cutoffs in tanks. wee.

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be there for the rap battle, its gona be interspectacular

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car sketches. i wanted to color but gota go do stuff. maybe get back to it. i drew a version with a girl on the hood, but it dint show the car as cool.

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another car. i really like artin em. theres a dude up the street from the office thats pushin a green 65 chevy van like this. drawn and colored fast, really diggin the vivid light.

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another car sketch

i wanted to color this one too but couldnt get to it, im busy, just signed a contract yesterday, so holla. anyway, i wanna make a car card game, if anyone gots a good one in mind we aughta make it. i thought up a durn tootin one, but it lacked player interaction real bad. anyway, yay for cars.

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opel gt

a pic i did really fast b4 leaving work, there is a opel gt for sale up the street from my house and i walk by it, they are damned cool cars. this pic has sum crazy wheel flares and is all whackee, but i like it.

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cars, very fun to draw. i was gona color this and all too, but i got things to do. still wanted to post it.

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