Late Night Snack

nite snack

Some design work scribbles here. Reminds me of living back up north in WA and going out for a late snack while working. Was always rainy and there was nothing like warm eats that weren’t nasty fast food. Also, well, I just really like baked goods. heh. Anywhoos, back to work for me.

4 comments to “Late Night Snack”

  1. Diana ruins all!

  2. This is a beautiful piece. The use of warm versus cool tones in the lighting really create a nice sense of mood.

  3. To Pony:

    Yes, yes she does. I had to change that fish pastry he’s eating from the original color it was since apparently it looked like he was chowing down on a bra. < X D Nothing like a bra on a cold day. < X D

  4. To SpaceRabbit:

    Thanks a lot. ^_^ Mood was pretty much what that piece was about. Since its been kind of stormy where I live it reminded me of the northern weather and how great warm food was.

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