Demoness Rose


Rose, an evil demon hottie that looks to have found someone new to toy with. Originally a design for something, she ended up being turned down for cuter, friendlier designs. I like her anyway thoughs. Maybe I’ll find some world she can fit into. ^_^

6 comments to “Demoness Rose”

  1. OOooh she’s even better colored! I just noticed the book has a face! I love it! XD

  2. Yeah, I like this one, very cute and evil at the same time :)

    One question though, where is her right arm? It seems to dissapear into her hair?

  3. In the original image she was fighting another character. I had her right arm transforming into a wing-type shield. Left it that way, but maybe it isn’t apparent.

  4. Nah, I see the shield, it’s the arm holding the book, it kinda dissapears before it gets to the book. Still the design rocks ;)

  5. LOL. Spacerabbit there is no arm holding the book. That arm has a black glove and the hand is pressed against her boob. The book, it be floating by itself.


  6. Haha, ok, color me retarded. Man, I’ve been starting at computer screens WAY WAY too long!

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