New scribblings


Sorry for the delay on a new pic. Been busily at work writing and many other things. x_X

Anywho, more scribblings, a big muscley badger girl I had an idea for. Wanted her to be able to handle any creatures that might get out of hand.

Now I rush off again! More soon! Enjoy and um… enjoy more! Woo!

5 comments to “New scribblings”

  1. I feel sorry for anything that trys to take on her 0_0

  2. Very good art with a nice color scheme throughout.

    The only thing is… for just a split second, her hair looked like an ewok trying to swallow her head, and now I can’t think of anything else! XD

  3. She looks very badass. Good job *snaps fingers in Applause*

  4. Beautiful and Deadly…I love her, but will keep my distance!

  5. Sweet yet Sour. Beautiful but Deadly. Very Nice!

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