Cinnamon Roll Time!

Okay, been writing a lot, so not as much artin to post, but it’ll be worth it!

Now some scribbling. Our house has had ant problems in the past and they’ve kinda resurged over the past weeks. Sometimes I just don’t have the heart to squish them though. I mean, they look like they’re having little conversations! Can’t interrupt those!

Anywho, here’s how I think one of their conversations might go…

3 comments to “Num!”

  1. i feel your pain, My apartment has both cockroaches and ants. We have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of them. Disturbingly..or cat hunts them and eats them O_o. anywhose…love the conversation.

  2. I love this picture. I don’t have an ant problem myself but this picture is hillarious.

  3. hey mike, you had cinnamon rolls? and you didnt invite me?… im hurt… anyway, i had to leave a comment seeing as how i havent yet, so… here it is!

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