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The Rentals

Also, besides new art, been poking around at music online. A long while back my friend Steve told me about a follow up the Rentals had done to their Return of the Rentals album. Till now though I had never picked it up and now that I have… man! I missed out!

I hope this album got some good support when it did come out in 99′ (I think) but I feel bad for not picking up a copy then. I love this thing, its just fun inspiring music and I can only hope in some form Matt Sharp will continue on with the band despite any problems that may exist or well, Weezer obligations.

Anywho, if you get a chance and liked the first Rentals album, its totally worth a look and listen.

Um… for previews of it find em’ on iTunes or you can always listen at ol’ Amazon.

Sky Doll

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Sky Dolls

Okays, another quick sketch here. Had been checking out the Sky Doll graphics. So here’s a quick sketch of Roy and Noa from the book.

I was really impressed with the rendering in this book! Just… WOW! Loved it. Has me looking around for other books. Liking the cute Euro sci-fi thing. Its just got some wonderful scenes and neat characters. Check it out if you have the chance. Here be the straight up site link to the official site which still seems to be under construction:


Just a warning… some robot boobahs! Just sayin!

Off to run in circles again, have a good one all!


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Okay, man, work has been so freakin’ hectic! I’ve had no time at all to post. Bleh~

Been busy writing for an upcoming project, workin on video game stuff and getting sketches and designs done which I’ll be posting starting this week.

So first off, here’s a piece I did for a certain friendy-type persony. I believe his name is Tabari and he’s a lesser ice elemental. Ended up being the 3′ 3” fella you see here (He’s no SD!) after he ended up joining a cult thinking he could solve all his problems through them. So just remember kids, don’t join cults! You’ll end up all smooshed-ed!

"Mikes-retarded-header" was drawn by Diana Sprinkle and was sadly so amusing Mike left it there.
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