Okay, man, work has been so freakin’ hectic! I’ve had no time at all to post. Bleh~

Been busy writing for an upcoming project, workin on video game stuff and getting sketches and designs done which I’ll be posting starting this week.

So first off, here’s a piece I did for a certain friendy-type persony. I believe his name is Tabari and he’s a lesser ice elemental. Ended up being the 3′ 3” fella you see here (He’s no SD!) after he ended up joining a cult thinking he could solve all his problems through them. So just remember kids, don’t join cults! You’ll end up all smooshed-ed!

One comment to “FINALLYS! RAR!”

  1. Howdy, Cousin Michael,

    Haven’t seen you in at least a decade if not longer. I’ve been enjoying your work- I knew there had to be artists in the family somewhere. Don’t know what possessed me to google you, but glad I did. Hope you are well.

    Many years.

"Mikes-retarded-header" was drawn by Diana Sprinkle and was sadly so amusing Mike left it there.
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