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Cinnamon Roll Time!

Okay, been writing a lot, so not as much artin to post, but it’ll be worth it!

Now some scribbling. Our house has had ant problems in the past and they’ve kinda resurged over the past weeks. Sometimes I just don’t have the heart to squish them though. I mean, they look like they’re having little conversations! Can’t interrupt those!

Anywho, here’s how I think one of their conversations might go…

New scribblings

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Sorry for the delay on a new pic. Been busily at work writing and many other things. x_X

Anywho, more scribblings, a big muscley badger girl I had an idea for. Wanted her to be able to handle any creatures that might get out of hand.

Now I rush off again! More soon! Enjoy and um… enjoy more! Woo!

Rabbit Knight Girl

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Bunny Knight

A cute bunny girl deck out for a medival battle with her armor and stubby carrot sword. Tried to do this one fairly fast and still have detail. Now I rush off to eats and more work! AUGH!!

Toad & Rider

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Okay, its late. Bloog~ what to say. This was a doodle I had on an index card next to my computer monitor for quite some time. Thought I’d finish it up finally. Enjoying the scribbly color style and learning as I go. Anywhoosies, enjoy tha picture all. I’m gonna eat cookies and go to bed.


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Sketchy sketch time. Thought it’d be fun to draw a packrat heading out on the road. Maybe find new things to collect and trade and maybe even sell some miracle potions along the way.

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