Mike is not dead!

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Visit Mike at his many many new social media places. I, Diana Sprinkle, Mike’s amazing friend and the host of this archive site thinks you all need to know where Mike hangs out and posts his art now a days. He updates all of these sites constantly!

Mike’s Tumblr! – Mike’s main place to post and reblog things that he likes.

Ask Jam Comic on Tumblr – Mike’s ongoing comic with the character: Jam! She’s a butt.

DeviantArt – All Mike art all the time! No chatter just the art!

Twitter – All chatter all the time! Tweets with art sometimes!


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And… more music is go!

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Just posted another song in the music section. This time something a little more complete called, “go drum go”. Just me messing around on the recorder again. Have a listen when ya get a chance! Enjoy everyone. ^_^

New musicy tidbit up now!

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Yay! Time for new tunes. I’ve just finished a rough track and posted it to the music section on the site. Please give it a listen when ya get the chance. Just look under the section that says new music from Stockdale and click on the “First Sight” gif.

Thanks all! Enjoy!

New Blog

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Blog starts as of now! Blog I say!

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