Michael R. Vega

The Desk...

Male / Age: 28
Weight: 165 / Height: 5.7
Born 11-12-77, Victoria TX.
Occupation: Designer, Illustrator, Musician
& PS monkey X-treme
Status: Happily not single.
E-mail: vitesband@hotmail.com
Online journal
<--Picture of me and an angry, drunk crab.

Likes: iPods, Food, cute stuff, music, manga, mechanical pencils, girls, rock geetar!, drums, bass, sun & surf, elephants, monsters, comedy, plod spanu, baked goods, Fraggle Rock, Family Guy, Futurama, basically Adult Swim, Food Net, drawing, video games, hand held games, friends, Halloween, and sexah stuff.
Dislikes: Powerful body oder, people filled with drama, raisins, onions (sometimes... they can be good!), parking fees, dirty streets, food found on ground, followed by food poisoning, internal struggles, racists, homophobes, deadly cobras, crappy toys, the flu, greasey food, those mushrooms in mario bros that hurt you... yo.

S&L Graphic

Saiko & Lavender the graphic novel & webcomic!- Credits: Writer/ Assistant Artist/ Published by Radio Comix. This book collected the Saiko & Lavender mini-series issues #1-5. It includes a few extras and fixes (though there's always something we missed.) and a few words from Diana and me about its creation.
Currently this title is running on Webcomics Nation. You can find it here: S&L, The Webcomic

Emmalyne's Mansion

The Rising Stars of Manga #1- Credits: Creator/ Writer/ Artist/ Published by TokyoPop, this manga was a spot light on Amercian Manga Creators. I won a runner up place in this book with a fifteen page story called, Emmaylnes Mansion. The story centers around a young girl who goes to stay with her grandparents in a giant spooky mansion. She discovers a secret fantasy world within its walls.

Monsters of Rock

Monsters of Rock #1- Credits: Creator/ Writing/ Artist/ Published by Radio Comix. This 24 page one shot followed the exploits of an unruly band formed of a medusa lead singer, a vampire guitarist, a zombie drummer and the devil himself on bass. The book covers their rise to fame and all that comes with it in a VH1 Behind-the-Music style rocumentary. Thanks to Kai Robertson for helping with the writing/structure chores on this title.

Spooktacular Special

Saiko & Lavender Spooktacular Special #1- Credits: Writer/ Assistant Artist/ Published by Radio Comix. The follow up to Diana X Sprinkle's Saiko and Lavender five issue mini series. This 26 page special has Saiko & Lavender prepping their store for the Halloween onslaught. After the children sweep over the store, Lavender has a flashback to her childhood and horrific childhood Halloween costumes...ooooo!

Magi-Nation GBC

Magi-Nation Collectible Card Game & GBC RPG- Credits: Artist/ Inker/ Published by Interactive Imaginations. I was one of the main artists/inkers who assisted art pimp Matt Holmberg in creating the art & designs for the first two sets of the Magi-Nation Collectible Card Game. I was even lucky enough to contribute some of my monster designs and general kookyness to the GBC (Game Boy Color) title as well.

Saiko & Lavender

Saiko & Lavender Issues #1-5- Credits: Writer/ Assistant Artist/ Published by Anti-Ballistic Pixelations. Created and mostly drawn by Diana X. Sprinkle, Saiko & Lavender told the story of Lavender, the owner of a small magic shop, who?s life is being made increasingly frustrating by large magic corporations, pesky poisonous elephants, and her own well meaning ditzy bunny sidekick named Saiko.

Morning Glory

Morning Glory the Faerie Issues #1-6 Credits: Artist/ Published by Radio Comix. I provided art for this six issue mini series written by Loran Gayton. The story followed normal everyday Wiccan, Katherine, who one day rescues a faerie in the forest and brings her home to discover she is quite the handful. For mature readers.

FKG Furrlough

Full Knight Gear Chapters #1-6 Credits: Creator/ Writer/ Artist/ Published by Radio Comix in the monthly anthropomorphic anthology Furrlough issues #55, #57, #59, #62, #65, & #89. This cute anthro story is about a group of kids that discover a magical book that controls water. This is a fun fantasy story set in a land filled with evil wizards, pirates and magical spells.

Gremlin Trouble

Gremlin Trouble Credits: Inker/ Back Cover Artist/ Published by Anti-Ballistic Pixelations. These peeps gave me some of my first art jobs ever! Created by ET. & Liz Bryan, Gremlin Trouble follows a fairy turned Gremlin by evil forces and her adventures as she tries to return to being a fairy. I?ve worked on many issues of Gremlin Trouble as an inker and will come up with more complete info on what issues feature my inking as soon as possible. I?ve also done back covers for issues #5, #8, #9, #14, #16, #24 & #26.

GD Annual 1996

Gold Digger Annual 1996/Issue #2 Credits: Artist/Writer/ Published by Antarctic Press. This annual featured The Search for the Holy Grail which was filled with pop culture refs, one weak-ass grail and was... well, quite strange. This eight page story was my first published comic.