Music of Paperamp!

This is the home for all my musical doings and such.
My own material is under the title of Stockdale,
named simply after a prominent street in the town I've lived in for so long now.
I'll post most anything soundwise I work on here with whoever, so keep a watch.
I hope you can listen and enjoy what you find.

New tunes from Stockdale!

First Sight: Hi again everyone. I've just aquired a new digital recorder and have started the long haul towards learning how to use this little beastie properly. This is the first song I ran through it and for all the roughness and struggles I think it turned out to be a pretty cute outro of sorts. Anywho, enjoy the new song, First Sight.

Presenting: Steve the Volcano

This track is called, "At the pawn shop" and is by local artist and good friend, Steve the Volcano. I helped out on this track with a quick bit of solo work on lead guitar. It's still a little rough around the edges, but I think it turned out nice and fun. Hell, maybe its good that its rough, its about selling stuff at the freakin' pawn shop after all. Anywho's, enjoy and check Steve out sometime. Right now the only link I have from him is his My Space page, but I'll see if he's got anything else floating around he'd like to share. Here's his page: Steve The Volcano

The Windows Sound Recorder projects

Music of Paperamp!

These files/mini-albums are done in the most digital-ghetto fashion possible.
That being with windows sound recorder and a crappy headset microphone stuck inside an acoustic guitar
and pressed up against my borrowed Peavey's speaker cover. So expect crackley nastiness.
Hopefully the songs will show through at least a little beyond the hiss and my overall guitar shortcomings.
But I did learn a lot even from these simple one minute solo guitar tracks and will make more as time goes on.
It's actually a lot of fun and makes for a nice musical workout.

The Sound Records

These tracks represent my very first efforts at recording.
These came about before I even discovered that you could layer tracks over tracks,
so its all one guitar and just me screwing up and trying my best.
I've posted the best of the bunch here as the The Sound Records tiny-mini-album.
Nine minutes of static and some cute melodies.

All music is © & ™ its creators and posted with permission.
Do not re-post media without expressed permission.