Shoe Song

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And… another offering from Steve. More of the demos he’s busily recording over here. Described these recordings as his blueprints for the final versions of the songs. Soon he’ll even have live drums and much more!
Anywho, enjoy the demo from Steve all! Just click on the picture for music.

Rabbit Knight Girl

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Bunny Knight

A cute bunny girl deck out for a medival battle with her armor and stubby carrot sword. Tried to do this one fairly fast and still have detail. Now I rush off to eats and more work! AUGH!!

Wear a tree

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press button

And now its music tidbit time again from Steve the Volcano and myself. Steve’s creation mostly, though the simple bass line be me. Had it easy today mostly working with the recorder and setting stuff up.

Click on the image for a new song we just finished up today on the fly with the recorder and a pair of headphones from the 70’s that are held together with tape.
Thanks to a copy of Fruity Loops we’re able to add better, more dynamic drums and lots more. I’m sure they’ll get better too as we learn more about the program and well, have more than three hours in an evening to complete an entire song.Enjoy!

Toad & Rider

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Okay, its late. Bloog~ what to say. This was a doodle I had on an index card next to my computer monitor for quite some time. Thought I’d finish it up finally. Enjoying the scribbly color style and learning as I go. Anywhoosies, enjoy tha picture all. I’m gonna eat cookies and go to bed.


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Sketchy sketch time. Thought it’d be fun to draw a packrat heading out on the road. Maybe find new things to collect and trade and maybe even sell some miracle potions along the way.

"Mikes-retarded-header" was drawn by Diana Sprinkle and was sadly so amusing Mike left it there.
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