Brutally Outrageous, Jem + Metalocalypse = awesome!

Brutally Outrageous, Jem + Metalocalypse = awesome!

Um, yeah… Have I mentioned that I love Metalocalypse. I love that show so much. I had been gearing up to make some fanart of it but then James and me were talking about funny cross overs and this just um, sort of happened.

Jem + Metalocalypse = Awesome

This Jemocalypse took me two days to finish. It’s the fastest I’ve ever drawn and colored 5 characters and 2 logos. I think it was a huge help to have the Metaloclypse image ( you can find it here on ) to reference the poses from but I’m still surprised how well the whole thing works. Well, other then the fact that Jem and the Holograms only had 4 people until they introduced the drummer girl later in the series. From left to right the characters are: Shana, Aja, Jem, Raya, and Kimber. They are standing in for Murderface, Skwisgaar, Nathan, Pickles, and Toki.

I traced the logos in Photoshop with the path tool and also drew a version of the background to put behind them. I tried to use the same lighting scheme they used in the original Metalocalypse image with some tweaking for breasts and huge hair. I had to adjust some of the clothing and poses a little here and there.

I hope you guys like it, I posted it up as a wallpaper at 1280×960 since the characters are a little small otherwise. =D

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  1. My god, that is just beautiful ^_^. I had almost forgotten about Jem until I saw this. I’m almost tempted to track down the episodes now, darn you! Keep up the awesome work and I look forward to the My Muse stuff.

    Reply from Diana: Snicker, I just borrowed the Jem DVD box set to make some screen caps so i can get the colors correct. Oh the shame, and glitter. I also finished inking another My Muse page. I’m hoping to work through at least 1 or, better yet, 2 more if I can this week.

  2. Ah hahaha, awesome! I love it! Fighting demons with 80’s music = hilariously plausible :D

    My only question: since you took the trouble to path out the logos yourself, why not just remove everything after -ocalypse in Metalocalypse so it looks less pasted-y?

    Reply from Diana: Heh, thanks. I wanted it to look like the original wallpaper so I recreated the Metalocalypse logo as it was on that version. I added the Jem logo over the first part of it without removing the ‘Metal’ part to draw attention to the fact that it’s not supposed to be the Jem logo. Though, LOL you’re probably right I didn’t really consider it.

  3. This reeks of failure. Something brutal is not supposed to be cute. You clearly don’t understand metal or anything close to it. Tear down this abomination.

    Reply from Diana: Oh Danny, you’re so cute… I pinch your cheeks over the internet.

  4. Oh wow totally outrageous!!
    It love it, great and funny considering how the characters are on the show lol.
    You got the colours perfect!
    Only thing, thought Aja and Raya should switch positions.
    I wish I could draw Jem pictures that good!!
    Draw another, please?! :)