Working on My Muse… and the Jem logo

Working on My Muse… and the Jem logo

Wheeee, I’ve started back up on “My Muse” though right now it’s mostly cleaning house. Which means I’m inking the 8-10 pages of pencils that I have. That’s going well so far, I’m about 3 pages in with the inking. I’m suppose to do roughly 2 pages a week but I’m going to try to work in some actual penciling if I can. That is if I don’t keep drawing INCREDIBLY COMPLEX fanart…

Of Jem even… well it’s mostly fanart of Jem, sort of. Kind of, it’s an odd image. I don’t think I’ve colored an image of 5 characters quite that fast before. I’ll post it up in a bit. When I’ve convinced myself it’s a good idea. =/ Or maybe after I’ve drawn some more images of them.

I made a version of the Jem logo for the image since there’s no good large version of the damn thing on the internets. Thankfully there are at least fairly clear versions of it but still. I had to trace the thing using paths in Photoshop. And why does that stupid star just HAVE to go under and over the damn letters. Meh, so yeah if anyone ever needed a small net version of the logo with bonus transparency for extra fun web page designing here’s it is:

A retraced logo for Jem. Good for Jem fansites and webdesigns.

Or a slightly more flattering PNG version: Jem Logo

And while I’m bitching, the screen caps that people have made for Jem suck balls. I know it came out originally back before DVDs existed but there’s been a DVD collection of the thing for a good 2 years already. I’m tempted to borrow the DVD’s from Shawnna and screen cap a bunch of episodes. Just to get the color palettes correct and have a few nice quality shots from the show.

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